By far the coolest QR code tweak we have seen… very cool and just the start of a BIG world of QRtags to come!

This QR Code was created by QRArts, out of Washington DC. We liked it so much we felt we should share it with everyone. Just the start of what you can do with these very cool, very dynamic QR Codes.

Imaginative Creation

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Kids using QR Codes at school to help them remember!

One of the most common ways to absorb information is from physical touch! A natural way of learning is to hold, observe, listen, smell and sometimes taste. Unfortunately internet and information technologies nowadays become more and more overloaded and abstract. Too much Googling information, can place us further away from actually experiencing real world tangible objects, we don’t feel it, using only one part of our body – the brain. Indeed we get the information more faster than 20 years ago but we loose very important aspect of human life – experience. They say if you want to know whats going to be popular tomorrow, see what kids are doing today! The best way to learn and interpret information comes from our kids. They get it buy touching, seeing, smelling, testing.
QR codes links physical object with information entities helping us to browse the information in a new more natural way. Great example how kids are using bookmarks utilizing QR code technology:

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QRrealtyTag shows you all the current qr code and real estate relevant companies in our blog on August 18 2011. Take your business and real estate listings to a whole new level – Get your own FastApp for each one of your real estate listings from QRrealtyTag for .50 cents a day.

We have researched as many QR Code real estate related application websites and URL links that we could find as of August 18th 2011. With QRrealtyTag and our Software App company AppAll, our software is unique due to the fact we tag a qr code with a Unique Keyword called a mobileURL. This is important for many reasons. SEO (search engine optimization), Vanity Tag, Easy to use, organize and remember, Text message SMS/MMS integration around your Unique Keyword and promoting rich web history for all your real estate for years and even decades to come.

For about .50 cents a day you can promote your real estate listings on a whole different level. Our software creates a fastapp for EACH one of your real estate properties, automatically giving your your own facebook like button for each listing, mobile friendly micro website that works with all types of mobile devices, a Web 2.0 presence for added SEO, the ability to link all your social world to your QRtag (like twitter, your blog, facebook, youtube, your professional website, Craigslist and more), desk top search, easy user interface for edit, add, archive and/or assigning a new listing to an existing qrtag. You have the ability to share your listings effortlessly from your own mobile phone or computer and its equally as easy for potential buyers, new customers and other real estate professionals to share your real estate listing(s) with their friends and family through their social world.

(All Known National Real Estate Companies Are Using QR Codes)

Real Estate QR Code generator sites:
pricing page:  (businesses)
pricing page: (individuals)
3 individual plans:  $24.95/mo for 20 codes, $29.95/mo and $39.95/mo for 20 codes plus additional benefits (see chart on bottom of page)
Clikbrix:  homepage:
pricing page:  One price; $25/mo
Postlets:  A Zillow Company
Real Estate Companies Using QR Codes:

Century 21:  homepage:

Coldwell Banker:  homepage:

HomeCellers Mobile Marketing:  homepage:
pricing page:

HomeSmart: homepage:

Keller Williams:  homepage:

Realty Executives:  homepage:
pricing:  $379 start up and $79 to 135/month.

Remax:  homepage:
pricing page:


Online Listing Sites, (Not Brokerages): – homepage: A low low price of .50 cents a day to promote your real estate listings, business brand and professional online presence.  homepage:
Pricing:  Must call for pricing:  866-827-1827 or email  homepage:
pricing page:{scid=fsb-site-hdpotool} Home:
Pricing Page: homepage:
pricing page:

QRrealtyTag – Youtube channel –

Other QR Code Generation Companies:

Google API
Kaywa:  homepage:
QR Stuff:  hoempage:
ScanLife:  homepage:

If you know of any real estate sites offering qr codes, tags or quick response application please comment below so others can review.

Thanks for visiting QRrealtyTag

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7 affordable vacation destinations in summer of 2011. Get your vacation rentals listed at QRrealtyTag and be ready!

7 Places that are Cheap Now

There is still time to make that dream vacation a reality. Take advantage of the warm weather! Check out these seven affordable destination ‘hot’ spots.

First on the list;

Orlando, FL – A great place for Family fun, Orlando is a regular front-runner on Hotwire’s Travel Value Index (which annually evaluates cities based on their rates, available “discounts, affordable entertainment and overall appeal”). While pricey Disney World is the main attraction, Orlando does feature a variety of cheaper — and even free — attractions. O-Town’s hotel and airfare rates haven’t dropped since this time last year, but the city’s already low prices continually allow thrifty travelers to stretch their vacation budget. And as the new school year draws nearer, more deals become available for last-minute getaways.

Chicago, IL – Late summer and early fall is a great time to visit the Windy City: The summer tourists are packing up and heading out as the notorious Midwestern winter gets ready to hit. According to Hotwire’s Year-Over-Year analysis, Chicago’s hotel rates have dropped nine percent since this time last year. And since Virgin America began air service to the city in May, airfare is experiencing a drop as well (prices fell eight percent since last summer). Plus, as the warm-weather convention season comes to a close, Chicago will boast great deals for leisure travelers.

Riviera Maya, Mexico – Eastern Mexico is entering its annual tourism slump; most tourists are deterred by high temperatures and frequent rainfall. However, travelers who visit in August and early September can skirt the sprinkles while nabbing excellent deals to some of the country’s most popular destinations, including Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. According to Hotwire, hotel prices have dropped eight percent since 2010, with five-star rooms going for $135 a night, on average. And you can find flights from the U.S. for as low as $250. And to top it all off, you won’t have to pay a cent to enjoy this region’s miles of soft sand and Caribbean Sea views. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and start enjoying the great deals.

Aspen CO – Aspen’s reputation as a high-end ski destination means warm-weather travelers can find great discounts. Hotwire’s Year-Over-Year analysis shows that average hotel rates have dropped 12 percent since last summer while airfare has experienced a four-percent dip. If your planning a longer stay or have a larger group excited to explore all Aspen has to offer, then why not take a look at some vacation home rentals as well. And the best of the Rockies — outdoor activities like hiking and biking — won’t cost you a penny. For those of you planning a September trip, make sure to pack your camera: This is when the region’s numerous aspen trees don their golden autumn foliage.

Phoenix, AZ – Like Orlando, Phoenix is frequently listed on Hotwire’s Travel Value Index due to its consistently low summer and fall rates. Tourists generally steer clear during these months, frightened away by the Valley of the Sun’s triple-digit temps. But air conditioning is never hard to find, and September will bring about more temperate weather. While this year’s hotel prices mimic last year’s — averaging $55 a night — plane tickets have experienced a six-percent drop over the past 12 months. Investors and second home owning snow birds are happy to rent their beautiful homes and condos for less money as well. Make sure you do your homework and search for vacation rentals in AZ. Remember the deals won’t last long; Phoenix is quickly approaching its high-season, preparing to welcome cold-weather escapists.

Victoria, British Columbia Canada – The increasing strength of the Canadian dollar has prompted our northern neighbors to travel abroad more often than they did before. This developing trend has driven hotel prices down in Canadian cities like Victoria. In fact, Hotwire’s Year-Over-Year analysis shows that room rates in the British Columbia city are down 10 percent since last summer, While vacation rentals are holding strong as a great alternative for a longer stay while touring British Columbia. But bargains aren’t the only reason Victoria makes our list: The city boasts expansive beaches, massive parks and a lively central square, all of which are free to explore. So plan a family outing, grab a large vacation rental, stretch out your legs and relax in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia Canada.

Atlanta, GA – The Big Peach is known for having some of the best discounts around. And although the summer and early fall are prime times for business and group travel, many hotels still boast remarkably low prices. Since there hasn’t been a significant decrease in room rates since last year, a night in Atlanta costs only $62 on average. You can always find sweet deals on vacation rentals as the summer comes to an end. Airfare has dropped a significant seven percent over the past 12 months. Plus, some of the city’s most popular sites — including the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and Piedmont Park — are completely free to visit. Get a plane ticket, a vacation rental and get to the beach!


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Do other countires QR Codes affect business and advertising trends in the United States.

UK Volleyball 2012 Olympic hopefuls pick up QR Code Sponsorship

QR codes are making their way to the 2012 Olympics and will be displayed on all British volleyball teams hoping to earn their spot in the massive competition. Volleyball players are well known for adorning their bronzed skin with various advertisements and sponsorship logos. These often come in the form of temporary tattoos. With the Olympics swiftly approaching, however, British teams are looking for more interactive forms of promotion than simple tattoos. One team, in particular, has set its sights on QR codes.

T.V. QR Codes in the UK at Christmas!  Waitrose had us glued to the TV during November last year, when they used QR Codes to tail their Christmas TV campaign.  Whilst QR does stand for ‘Quick Response’, viewers would have needed to be as quick off the mark as the Wild West’s Sundance Kid to capture the QR Code Waitrose displayed in their Xmas TVads.  The Waitrose QR Code appeared at the end of the TV ad. Expect T.V. ads with QRtag’s in the U.S. very soon!

The Waitrose iPhone and Android app the QR Code downloaded was an app masterpiece, but so much more could have been done with the content – recipe downloads, ‘how to’ video content or even a bit of Heston or Deila working their magic in the kitchen.

        The newspaper in the UK promoted  the John Lewis ad, we also found a full page ad from Aldi, promoting the Medion Multi-Media PC.  This ad may as well been influenced and probably partly funded by Medion, but it did receive high street recognition using the Aldi brand.

We can’t say much about this campaign I’m afraid, as the QR Code content has now been removed, so we’re all experiencing that disappointing 404 experience.  That is one of the key reasons we designed the MobileURL which is a keyword that is tagged to creating your unique QRtag which never expires.  Archive dated or old promotions and add new content to your dashboard and never worry about your qrtag delivering a 404 error message.

Interactive QR Code technology based on movement!

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Real Estate Personnel, Listen Up! Search Engines like Google, Bing, Youtube and Yahoo like new unique content, information, links and photos when populating search results first! Make sure potential home buyers, new customers and other real estate professionals see your listings before the competition.

Listing a Real Estate Property? Listen Up!

If your listing your real estate properties on the internet in hopes that potential buyers, new customers and other real estate professionals find you listings when searching within major search engines like google, bing, yahoo and youtube then there are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

First of all it is beneficial to you and your real estate brand in the long run if you use a system that is build for the best search engine optimization (SEO) of today, not yesteryear.

Get the tools to make your real estate listings Unique, Mobile Friendly, Relevant and Powerful!

Create the most dynamic real estate listings on the web, for best SEO, mobile friendly accessibility and easy to edit, add, reuse, and archive – dashboard/login “services”. So easy a grade school student could login and edit a real estate listing, order a sign/sticker tag, upload photos follow the easy steps for completion and instantly review a web and mobile preview, then click save for immediate promotion of your real estate listings and brand on the internet.

QRrealtyTag provides a quick way for anyone listing real estate to create their own FastApp – Creation Management App. Now you don’t need to be an IT person or hire a company to build you an expensive App for your real estate website that is mobile friendly or offers some type of service or interaction with mobile users. Give each one of your listings its own App called a FastApp, and link all your Listings or FastApps together and promote ALL your real estate properties to end users, regardless of which real estate listing is being reviewed, looked at or searched for on the world wide web.

Major search engines like Unique, relevant and updated information as well as older rich history, as long as it is properly archived and categorized.  So we encourage you to take a moment and create your real estate listings, add unique content, change the verbiage on your description of the property, don’t fall prey to duplicate content ported over from an MLS database to a large online real estate site. If it seems easy and you don’t have to do anything, then the results your real estate listings are going to receive are going to be a direct reflection of your time and energy put in to promoting your real estate business and brand.

QRtag's provide dynamic interactive and relevant search data!

Here is a quote from an article “Duplicate Content Filter, what it is and how it works” – In order to make a search more relevant to a user, search engines use a filter that removes the duplicate content pages from the search results! Many times this behavior is seen in pages that are exact replicas of other pages which are created to receive better results in the search engine. Many people assume that creating multiple or similar copies of the same page will either increase their chances of getting listed in search engines or help them get multiple listings, due to the presence of more keywords.

Get Best SEO - Tag your Interactive image!

With keyword tagging (Shown in the image to the right) and synergistic app creation, Real estate agents and listing entities empower their business brand and real estate promotions to exceed previous methodology incurring less expenditures, lowering the cost of doing business and creating future benefits with rich web history of all your previous real estate listings.
Promote long term organic SEO and success of your business brand with accelerated return on investment for many years and even decades to come. By far the single biggest source of traffic for any business should be the search engines, but unfortunately, this is just a dream for many. Without adequate knowledge, ambition or financial resources to hire it out, their sites languish with little or no traffic. What small percentage of traffic businesses do receive is driven by expensive advertising, an addicting source for leads. The addiction comes from the quick fix of renting your online traffic rather then investing in the long term organic success. Fast App integration delivers affordable real estate promotions and gives you the powerful online presence you want when selling real estate in today’s competitive digital market. With our QRtag you can also be just as effective in offline promotions as well, print media (magazines, newspapers, mailers, flyers) as well as traditional real estate signage and point of contact promotion, like a business cards.

SEO Tips for robust content promotion.

Content – Unique updated content along with archived rich web history!

Page Title – All your real estate listings are properly categorized by QRrealtyTag’s internal system automatically.

URL Keywords – Your Unique Keyword will show in your listings URL

Navigation and Layout – Facebook Like button for each real estate listing on

Meta Tags and Robots.txt  – QRrealtytag has dynamic meta tags for best SEO for each one of your real estate listings and Unique QRtag.

Keep it Simple for ease of use – We offer your real estate listings in a mobile friendly version for every mobile device, Smartphone, Tablet, iPad, etc.. .

Let others know about your site – QRrealtyTag enables you to link your existing other networks, real estate listing sites, blogs, twitter, facebook, craigslist, etc

Remind users of your site – Start your Facebook fan page or twitter page and our system easily enables end users to share and communicate with each individual real estate listing.

Keep an eye on your daily traffic – Get your statistical analytics for each property and tag!

Submit to major search engines – QRrealtyTag properly organizes and categorizes all your real estate information properly for major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Grade your website and let it mature – QRtags enable you to archive sold, TOM-temp off the market and expired real estate listings,  data for rich web history under your unique Keyword QRtag.

Remind users of your presence and business – We have incorporated an easy to use Facebook like button for each real estate listing. Users can “like” your property and it then posts to their facebook wall for all their friends and family to see, generating extra leads and more exposure for your listings.

What can QRrealtyTag do for your real estate business in today’s competitive market?

– FastApp Creation for easy to use login area to manipulate information, edit, update, archive and add new content.

– QRTag creation for efficient online and offline campaign management and delivery of relevant and quick updated real estate information.

– Lead generation, increased promotion and more sales!

– Statistical Analytics for property activity and easy to read and share listing reports.

– Auto Scheduling system that enables you to offer a new type of lead generation channel to potential buyers when they access your real estate listings, either from right in front of the real estate listing, online in a digital promotion or offline from a magazine or news article by scanning or text messaging your unique ‘keyword’ MobileURL

QRrealtyTag – Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!

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QRrealtyTag | Everything is in a name, at least in this case; QRtag’s offer highly searchable and indexible URL’s, which get your information seen more in a real estate search query!

There is a lot of potential in a good web name, read onstartups #9 reason. In our case QRrealtyTag has designed a name that promotes your real estate ‘Keyword’ also know as a MobileURL.  Any time you create a QR Code with your asked to Tag your QR Code with a ‘Keyword’ that best describes your real estate business brand. Once you select your unique keyword it will become one very dynamic and powerful qr code image creating a robust search and indexable QRtag via the Worls Wide Web.

Your MobileURL also plays a role in the web address URL that is created for your real estate listing on  When a user chooses to ‘Like’ your real estate listing(s) by selecting the facebook like button on our home page (next to each of your listings) your unique ‘Keyword’ mobileURL will appear in the Link back to your real estate listing from the users facebook wall, giving your unique name even more social promotion, facebook buzz and SEO recognition on the internet. Our decision to use the URL website name QRrealtyTag has everything to do with promoting your real estate listings right now and in the future for the best and most accurate search results in real estate. Your unique QRtag with its ‘keyword’ mobileURL will continuously promote your real estate brand and listings for the best possible search results within major search engines like google, bing, yahoo and youtube.

QRtag’s don’t ever need to be recreated. Currently qr codes simply link you to a URL or webpage, so what do you do when that promotion or listing sells or the status changes? Currently you have to abandon the qr code image and start all over, loosing rich web history of the promotion and other valuable ongoing SEO points.

Think of QRtag’s  like registering a website name that represents your business brand ( a QRtag works virtually the same way. Once you have secured your unique mobileURL it is yours to use for rich web history and your real estate business brand that continues to promote online presence of your company for Best SEO and online performance.

A QRtag enables you to take your point of contact off line (The QRtag image and mobileURL) which instantly connects offline mobile users to “the sweet spot” of information being promoted in real time on the internet. Users can Scan, Text, or Call to get relevant real estate information from right in front the home listed or from a print media promotion, like a magazine or newspaper.  No more directing users to large website to search endlessly for desired or specific information, not to mention the trials and tribulations of trying to view standard website information in a mobile friendly version from a smartphone, iPad or tablet. QRtags give potential buyers, new customers and other business professionals immediate, relevant information about the exact product they are interested in from your campaign or advertising promotion, in a easy to view interface.  QRtags enable you to sync all your other real estate listing to one another, showcase youtube videos and social networking sites you may be affiliated with as well as offering new customers a thorough overview of all your real estate business and/or listings.

QRrealtyTag – Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!

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