The CTIA Mobile Conference in San Diego, CA October 11-13 2011 and QR Codes tagged with a Keyword + QRtag!

With the growing number of businesses and consumers adopting qrcodes (quick response) application to extract information from the sweet spot of a promotion, The CTIA Mobile Conference should be very interesting and interactive in 2011. With the mobile world and internet world colliding, businesses need to find a way to market and communicate with consumers through Smartphones, Tablets and iPads. QRrealtyTag focusses specifically on real estate and has designed the realty tag platform to constantly promote your real estate listings, business brand and professional presence on the internet for years to come. Qrtags have a Keyword associated with them, which is called a MobileURL. The MobileURL promotes ALL your real estate business in a format in which major search engines like google, bing, youtube and yahoo like. Information is properly categorized, organized and linked together to give you the most exposure and organic SEO possible. For those of you that need qrtags for business promoting other then real estate we have listed the leader in turnkey mobile-web promotion below.

BizTag is providing each business attendee with their own qrtag, which will have their company logo, web URL, social networking links, contact info and more all provided on an easy to use mobile friendly micro site. Look for more and more companies to start including qrtags in their marketing campaigns and day to day advertising.

Just recently Godaddy introduced qr codes into their television markeing campaigns. Very Smart! Look for Godaddy to incorporate QrTags very soon, using a keyword to promote their mobile interface and business.

Here is an example we found on a blog for qr codes done right! What consumers want is consistency, they want to scan a qrtag and feel good that their time and efforts will be rewarded and not wasted. Biztag understands that in order for this to happen, a simple and easy to edit, delete and update application has to be provided to businesses, thus enabling current, relevant and easy to promote information and qpons to consumers. Check out biztag and fiind out why more and more businesses are using an easy to understand mobile application, that delivers content to end users efficiently and quickly. available for use – October, 15 2011

About qrrealtytag

QRRealtyTAG is a software service for listing Real estate listings, such as Agent/Broker Residential, Agent/Broker Commercial, VRBO - Vacation Rentals by Owner, FSBO - For Sale by Owner, Apartments for Lease and Businesses for sale. QRRealtyTAG uses cloud computing for sustainable and scalable web growth while integrating mobile and tablet configuration for consistent User Interface and easability. Create your QRTAG for rich web history generation and future SEO (search engine optimization) -properly formating and creating ongoing high level search performace from major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
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