qr code technology, simply a fad or a phenomenon! Qrtag and real estate for Best SEO and mobile-web dynamic lead generation for ALL your real estate listings.

I hope by now everyone has noticed the dynamic square codes that look like your printer threw up! QR Codes are making appearances in places like real estate signs, print ads, magazines, billboards, the sides of automobiles and trade-show booths. These useful, efficient little marvels are 2D interactive bar codes, also known as QRtags, Quick Response codes, QR Codes or Microsoft tags. They are all the rage in the real estate industry right now. Although virtually ubiquitous in Europe and Japan, they’re just starting to gain popularity in the US. QR codes are readable by almost all mobile devices that have a camera like smartphones, iPads, Tablets and with a simple scan, can bridge a mobile user to any type of mobile-web content. QRtags offer real estate property listings the most dynamic interaction, lead generation, social sync and business brand promotion in the  world.

I continue to read several articles every day and review opinions, doubt, hope and if the qr code technology is simply a fad or a phenomenon. The important information you need to know about qrtags is they are designed to make your real estate promotion and listings seamless with the world wide web and mobile devices, offering end user, potential buyers, new customers and other real estate professionals quick up to date info like videos, price, photos, directions, your mobile calendar and more.

QRrealtyTag has made managing, creating, owning and using qrtags a snap! If you can enter an MLS listing or post a Craigslist ad then you can easily manage and promote your unique vanity qrtag. Outside of the U.S. QR codes have become a staple of everyday life. In most of Europe and Japan, for example, it’s difficult to walk a single block without coming in contact with a QR codes – working hard to display everything from providing commuters with updated mass transit schedules, to creative music and video art, to showing a restaurant’s current menu or coupon and eventually initiating a mobile friendly purchase.

Looking back the last few years on social media craze and the real estate industry, the answers as to why social media wasn’t as globally successful for businesses as predicted are clear. Although a great way to keep connected with friends, family and people, social media was untested as a real estate sales vehicle, and many still don’t understand how to utilize social media for business purposes. The lesson we learn from social media, is to efficiently manage your business and integrate the internet when ever you can for as minimal investment as possible, just in case it doesn’t pan out the way you think it should. How many agents or firms can prove that social media truly added to their bottom line? For most, between the cost and time spent learning/managing and creating the appropriate content based on what all the experts suggested, marginal results were yielded. That is why QRrealtyTag has designed our software services to efficiently promote your hard work and dedication to social media, giving you powerful tools and enabling you to link everything together under one dynamic qrtag and unique vanity name.

As U.S. mobile phone technology increases, so will the presence and ubiquity of QR codes. Why? Because they’re efficient. For example, within a click or two (or a touch or two from your touch-screen interactive mobile device ), a mobile user can arrive at a mobile friendly micro website, saving that user dozens of keystrokes and/or tedious search and uncover. QR codes take print advertising and super charge it with a dynamic and interactive lead generator that offers quick, relevant and immediate end user gratification.  Don’s miss out on providing your sellers and buyers relevant statistics and reports and an easy way to share, promote and list ALL your real estate listings for Best Search Engine Optimization with a qrtag from QRrealtyTag.com

So where do we go from here? We know that QR codes deliver all the information a buyer, renter or interested party could ever need! We’ve explained efficiency and how qr codes save real estate agents/brokers time help promote their business brand for years and even decades to come. So lets talk about the advantage and/or disadvantage of qr codes in the market today.

The most common problem we’ve noticed in online reviews, comments and blogs surrounding QR codes, is one that creates a substantial barrier to entry, conformity and usage; The management aspect. If you have multiple listings, Creating a unique QR code for each listing with a unique link to that listing’s information can be cumbersome. When it sells, you have to destroy the QR code, create a new one for a new listing, repeating that process each time. Handled this way, the sheer management will prevent mass adoption of QR codes in the real estate industry. Now let recap from earlier; A qrtag from QRrealtyTag solves this ever so cumbersome problem of creating, deleting, creating, deleting-all while giving you no rich web history for all your hard work.  With your Unique qrtag which tags a qr code with a keyword for rich web history, point of contact vanity promotion, advanced SEO, dynamic mobile-web integration and lead generation, the old annoyances of qr codes and all their downfalls, yet so powerful have been corrected and are now all grow up and ready to use in business real estate applications on a daily basis. Simply ask yourself, does QR code technology work for you? Or, do you work for the technology? QRrealtyTag and qrtags makes technology work for you and makes is stick simple to operate, create and manage all your real estate listings and Unique qrtag’s. With a QRrealtyTag, you have one dynamic qrtag, its the best and only 2D barcode you will ever need!

There is no doubt that qrtag’s are here to stay and will continue to grow, offering a simple and dynamic way for mobile users to connect with you and your real estate business. Given the simplicity provided by QRrealtyTag, embrace this new and exciting technology now, take your real estate business, lead generation and online presence to the next level. This is one business tool you can not afford to miss. Remember, great technology should work for you-not create more work for you.

List Agent/Broker, residential, commercial, vacation, FSBO, Apartments and business listings with QRrealtyTag.

QRrealtyTag – Your real estate listings best friend!

About qrrealtytag

QRRealtyTAG is a software service for listing Real estate listings, such as Agent/Broker Residential, Agent/Broker Commercial, VRBO - Vacation Rentals by Owner, FSBO - For Sale by Owner, Apartments for Lease and Businesses for sale. QRRealtyTAG uses cloud computing for sustainable and scalable web growth while integrating mobile and tablet configuration for consistent User Interface and easability. Create your QRTAG for rich web history generation and future SEO (search engine optimization) -properly formating and creating ongoing high level search performace from major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
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