Kids using QR Codes at school to help them remember!

One of the most common ways to absorb information is from physical touch! A natural way of learning is to hold, observe, listen, smell and sometimes taste. Unfortunately internet and information technologies nowadays become more and more overloaded and abstract. Too much Googling information, can place us further away from actually experiencing real world tangible objects, we don’t feel it, using only one part of our body – the brain. Indeed we get the information more faster than 20 years ago but we loose very important aspect of human life – experience. They say if you want to know whats going to be popular tomorrow, see what kids are doing today! The best way to learn and interpret information comes from our kids. They get it buy touching, seeing, smelling, testing.
QR codes links physical object with information entities helping us to browse the information in a new more natural way. Great example how kids are using bookmarks utilizing QR code technology:


About qrrealtytag

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