QRrealtyTag | Everything is in a name, at least in this case; QRtag’s offer highly searchable and indexible URL’s, which get your information seen more in a real estate search query!

There is a lot of potential in a good web name, read onstartups #9 reason. In our case QRrealtyTag has designed a name that promotes your real estate ‘Keyword’ also know as a MobileURL.  Any time you create a QR Code with QRrealtyTag.com your asked to Tag your QR Code with a ‘Keyword’ that best describes your real estate business brand. Once you select your unique keyword it will become one very dynamic and powerful qr code image creating a robust search and indexable QRtag via the Worls Wide Web.

Your MobileURL also plays a role in the web address URL that is created for your real estate listing on QRrealtyTag.com.  When a user chooses to ‘Like’ your real estate listing(s) by selecting the facebook like button on our home page (next to each of your listings) your unique ‘Keyword’ mobileURL will appear in the Link back to your real estate listing from the users facebook wall, giving your unique name even more social promotion, facebook buzz and SEO recognition on the internet. Our decision to use the URL website name QRrealtyTag has everything to do with promoting your real estate listings right now and in the future for the best and most accurate search results in real estate. Your unique QRtag with its ‘keyword’ mobileURL will continuously promote your real estate brand and listings for the best possible search results within major search engines like google, bing, yahoo and youtube.

QRtag’s don’t ever need to be recreated. Currently qr codes simply link you to a URL or webpage, so what do you do when that promotion or listing sells or the status changes? Currently you have to abandon the qr code image and start all over, loosing rich web history of the promotion and other valuable ongoing SEO points.

Think of QRtag’s  like registering a website name that represents your business brand (www.yourname.com) a QRtag works virtually the same way. Once you have secured your unique mobileURL it is yours to use for rich web history and your real estate business brand that continues to promote online presence of your company for Best SEO and online performance.

A QRtag enables you to take your point of contact off line (The QRtag image and mobileURL) which instantly connects offline mobile users to “the sweet spot” of information being promoted in real time on the internet. Users can Scan, Text, or Call to get relevant real estate information from right in front the home listed or from a print media promotion, like a magazine or newspaper.  No more directing users to large website to search endlessly for desired or specific information, not to mention the trials and tribulations of trying to view standard website information in a mobile friendly version from a smartphone, iPad or tablet. QRtags give potential buyers, new customers and other business professionals immediate, relevant information about the exact product they are interested in from your campaign or advertising promotion, in a easy to view interface.  QRtags enable you to sync all your other real estate listing to one another, showcase youtube videos and social networking sites you may be affiliated with as well as offering new customers a thorough overview of all your real estate business and/or listings.

QRrealtyTag – Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!


About qrrealtytag

QRRealtyTAG is a software service for listing Real estate listings, such as Agent/Broker Residential, Agent/Broker Commercial, VRBO - Vacation Rentals by Owner, FSBO - For Sale by Owner, Apartments for Lease and Businesses for sale. QRRealtyTAG uses cloud computing for sustainable and scalable web growth while integrating mobile and tablet configuration for consistent User Interface and easability. Create your QRTAG for rich web history generation and future SEO (search engine optimization) -properly formating and creating ongoing high level search performace from major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
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