Dynamic Real Estate Listings for Best SEO (search engine optimization) using QR Codes, SMS/MMS, GPS, Click to Call, and Mobile Friendly content rich websites. Get Listed Today and be found more efficiently by Major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo…

QRRealtyTAG is a dynamic real estate listing application that enables you to list any type of real estate for less!

Why use QRRealtyTAG vs another type of real estate listing service?

– QRRealtyTAG is an advanced layer for internet search that works together with other major real estate listing services like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Homeaway, etc.. to offer end users your real estate listings efficiently and with ease from many different channels, such as Mobile Phone Search, Web Search, QR Code Scans, GPS, SMS Text messaging and more.

– QRRealtyTAG will bring potential buyers and new customers your listing(s) right away when a key word search is performed and/or someone ‘Googles’ a real estate listing.

– QRRealtyTAG was designed specificly to be the most dynamic real estate service in the world. In creating QRRealtyTAG, Search Engine Optimization was considered through out the entire process. We desigend this advanced software system to get your listings seen when potential buyers and new customers are searching for any type of real estate.

– By using QRTAG’s and assigning them dynamically to every real estate listing, our software and real estate service creates a content rich and un matched online search database using the history of all your real estate listings and your ongoing activity to promote your professional business.

– QRRealtyTAG assigns a “KeyWord” called a mobileURL to each one of your QRTAG’s which links all your Real Estate Listings, Social Media, Professional Contact Information, Online history, Videos and more for Best SEO by major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

– QRRealtyTAG provides a Mobile friendly website for each and everyone of your real estate listings, thus providing a easy and user friendly display and interface when potential buyers and new customers are searching for your real estate listings on their mobile devices.

– QRRealtyTAG provides a Web 2.0 version of each and every one of your real estate listings, offering end users easy viewing and navigation when researching your real estate listing(s) from their desk top or lap top computers.

– QRRealtyTAG provides a separate and advanced viewing interface for iPad and Tablet users. QRRealtyTAG software recognizes any type of hardware device and properly reconfigures the information to fit any device, offering a nice looking and easy to use interface every time. So when a potential buyer or new customer forwards your listing(s) to a mobile phone, ipad, tablet or any device your real estate content will display properly.

About qrrealtytag

QRRealtyTAG is a software service for listing Real estate listings, such as Agent/Broker Residential, Agent/Broker Commercial, VRBO - Vacation Rentals by Owner, FSBO - For Sale by Owner, Apartments for Lease and Businesses for sale. QRRealtyTAG uses cloud computing for sustainable and scalable web growth while integrating mobile and tablet configuration for consistent User Interface and easability. Create your QRTAG for rich web history generation and future SEO (search engine optimization) -properly formating and creating ongoing high level search performace from major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
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