Real Estate Personnel, Listen Up! Search Engines like Google, Bing, Youtube and Yahoo like new unique content, information, links and photos when populating search results first! Make sure potential home buyers, new customers and other real estate professionals see your listings before the competition.

Listing a Real Estate Property? Listen Up!

If your listing your real estate properties on the internet in hopes that potential buyers, new customers and other real estate professionals find you listings when searching within major search engines like google, bing, yahoo and youtube then there are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

First of all it is beneficial to you and your real estate brand in the long run if you use a system that is build for the best search engine optimization (SEO) of today, not yesteryear.

Get the tools to make your real estate listings Unique, Mobile Friendly, Relevant and Powerful!

Create the most dynamic real estate listings on the web, for best SEO, mobile friendly accessibility and easy to edit, add, reuse, and archive – dashboard/login “services”. So easy a grade school student could login and edit a real estate listing, order a sign/sticker tag, upload photos follow the easy steps for completion and instantly review a web and mobile preview, then click save for immediate promotion of your real estate listings and brand on the internet.

QRrealtyTag provides a quick way for anyone listing real estate to create their own FastApp – Creation Management App. Now you don’t need to be an IT person or hire a company to build you an expensive App for your real estate website that is mobile friendly or offers some type of service or interaction with mobile users. Give each one of your listings its own App called a FastApp, and link all your Listings or FastApps together and promote ALL your real estate properties to end users, regardless of which real estate listing is being reviewed, looked at or searched for on the world wide web.

Major search engines like Unique, relevant and updated information as well as older rich history, as long as it is properly archived and categorized.  So we encourage you to take a moment and create your real estate listings, add unique content, change the verbiage on your description of the property, don’t fall prey to duplicate content ported over from an MLS database to a large online real estate site. If it seems easy and you don’t have to do anything, then the results your real estate listings are going to receive are going to be a direct reflection of your time and energy put in to promoting your real estate business and brand.

QRtag's provide dynamic interactive and relevant search data!

Here is a quote from an article “Duplicate Content Filter, what it is and how it works” – In order to make a search more relevant to a user, search engines use a filter that removes the duplicate content pages from the search results! Many times this behavior is seen in pages that are exact replicas of other pages which are created to receive better results in the search engine. Many people assume that creating multiple or similar copies of the same page will either increase their chances of getting listed in search engines or help them get multiple listings, due to the presence of more keywords.

Get Best SEO - Tag your Interactive image!

With keyword tagging (Shown in the image to the right) and synergistic app creation, Real estate agents and listing entities empower their business brand and real estate promotions to exceed previous methodology incurring less expenditures, lowering the cost of doing business and creating future benefits with rich web history of all your previous real estate listings.
Promote long term organic SEO and success of your business brand with accelerated return on investment for many years and even decades to come. By far the single biggest source of traffic for any business should be the search engines, but unfortunately, this is just a dream for many. Without adequate knowledge, ambition or financial resources to hire it out, their sites languish with little or no traffic. What small percentage of traffic businesses do receive is driven by expensive advertising, an addicting source for leads. The addiction comes from the quick fix of renting your online traffic rather then investing in the long term organic success. Fast App integration delivers affordable real estate promotions and gives you the powerful online presence you want when selling real estate in today’s competitive digital market. With our QRtag you can also be just as effective in offline promotions as well, print media (magazines, newspapers, mailers, flyers) as well as traditional real estate signage and point of contact promotion, like a business cards.

SEO Tips for robust content promotion.

Content – Unique updated content along with archived rich web history!

Page Title – All your real estate listings are properly categorized by QRrealtyTag’s internal system automatically.

URL Keywords – Your Unique Keyword will show in your listings URL

Navigation and Layout – Facebook Like button for each real estate listing on

Meta Tags and Robots.txt  – QRrealtytag has dynamic meta tags for best SEO for each one of your real estate listings and Unique QRtag.

Keep it Simple for ease of use – We offer your real estate listings in a mobile friendly version for every mobile device, Smartphone, Tablet, iPad, etc.. .

Let others know about your site – QRrealtyTag enables you to link your existing other networks, real estate listing sites, blogs, twitter, facebook, craigslist, etc

Remind users of your site – Start your Facebook fan page or twitter page and our system easily enables end users to share and communicate with each individual real estate listing.

Keep an eye on your daily traffic – Get your statistical analytics for each property and tag!

Submit to major search engines – QRrealtyTag properly organizes and categorizes all your real estate information properly for major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Grade your website and let it mature – QRtags enable you to archive sold, TOM-temp off the market and expired real estate listings,  data for rich web history under your unique Keyword QRtag.

Remind users of your presence and business – We have incorporated an easy to use Facebook like button for each real estate listing. Users can “like” your property and it then posts to their facebook wall for all their friends and family to see, generating extra leads and more exposure for your listings.

What can QRrealtyTag do for your real estate business in today’s competitive market?

– FastApp Creation for easy to use login area to manipulate information, edit, update, archive and add new content.

– QRTag creation for efficient online and offline campaign management and delivery of relevant and quick updated real estate information.

– Lead generation, increased promotion and more sales!

– Statistical Analytics for property activity and easy to read and share listing reports.

– Auto Scheduling system that enables you to offer a new type of lead generation channel to potential buyers when they access your real estate listings, either from right in front of the real estate listing, online in a digital promotion or offline from a magazine or news article by scanning or text messaging your unique ‘keyword’ MobileURL

QRrealtyTag – Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!

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QR Codes | Microsoft Tags | QRTAG’s with MobileURL… dynamic online and offline promotion using all 3!


QRtag’s work with any operating system. Our software recognizes the type of mobile phone, desktop and/or tablet being used to access informaiton, then quickly presents the information properly to fit the browser and/or device being used, like Mac-ios, Android-os, RIM-BB, Tablets, IE, etc…

QRTag’s enable end users to immediatly engage and interact with the real estate listing and lister or host of the qrtag with ease, displaying current and relevant information, All your real estate listings, photos, videos, social networking sites, professional contact information, company website(s), and more! qrtag’s were designed for proper indexing by major search engines like google, bing, yahoo, youtube, etc.., providing data rich content for SEO (search engine optimization); qrtag’s are also dynamic offline for print media or remote point of contact promoting. For Example:  You run a campaign or even create a logo incorporating a qrtag, like in the qrtag image shown with the Realty Arrow (in the image below), your print media or offline logo/advertsing will always be relevant when the end user scans your qrtag, due to the fact you can easily update, archive, link or sync different data to your qrtag effortlessly in your dashboard area. This enables you to change information behind the code and not recreate a new code each time your promotion expires or the information changes for the promotion.

A qrtag is a dynamic image that is always relevant when scanned, clicked or requested using SMS/MMS text messaging. A qrtag never has to be recreated, your qrtag will never expire or become useless with your Unique “name/keyword” also known as a MobileURL assigned to it. Even if you campaign expires or new relevant information needs to be added, your original image and “Keyword” will continue to represent your brand and professional business.  A qrtag becomes your revolving door to the internet for offline promoting and online “Keyword” search by major search engines like google, youtube, bing and yahoo. A QRtag connects end users to the “sweet spot” for your current internet promotion.

-Best SEO (mobileURL promotes all your relevant and    current information in one place)

-Keyword Search for qrtag image and associated data

-Social Network link, sync and dynamic communication.

-Scan, SMS/MMS text messaging, Click-to-Call and GPS


-URL for a website
-Bookmark (Favorite)
-Phone Call
-SMS message
-Email message
-vCard (Contact)
-Geographical Coordinates
……and more!

Microsoft Tags

TAG’s are all the same size in relation to each other which provides for very fast scanning with a reader.  QR codes can be read exceptionally fast (hence the name and/or abbreviation ‘QR’ = Quick Response)
TAG’s can only be read with a Microsoft Tag reader (which is available for most phones).  QR codes are open source and can be read by hundreds of online and offline devices.

-URL for a website
-Phone Call
-vCard (contact)
The main difference between a TAG and a QR code is that a TAG is an ID that fetches information corresponding to that ID.  QR codes can be encoded with many different types of data that can do a myriad of things.

QR codes are a very mature technology that have been used for a long time in many countries.  TAG is a reasonably young technology that has not yet been proven. TAG’s also are accessed on a private server so if that server ever goes down all the tags out there will be SOL.  QR codes enable information you need right inside the code. You can customized and promote your business easily.

Here are some examples of things that link to a QR code.

-URL for a website
-Bookmark (Favorite)
-Phone Call
-SMS message
-Email message
-vCard (Contact)
-Geographical Coordinates

Some QR codes have a Reed Solomon error correction up to 30% meaning that 30% of the surface area of the code can be ruined and the code will still function.  This means that you can put a picture of yourself or your company logo smack dab on the code and it will still work. See the example to the right.

With new and innovative app designers chasing mobile ad dollars, QRTAG readers that you download to decode “images” are evolving at a rapid pace. I would not be surprised if soon the QRTAG readers will be standard in all smartphones and WAP enabled devices.

What are your thoughts?

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Using the BEST QR Codes in Real Estate “QR Tag” – QRrealtyTag com

QR Codes are easy to make and you can create them almost anywhere and redirect potential buyers to your real estate listing website URL or some other website URL information, however be sure the website you diliver the potential buyer, new customer or other real estate professional is properly formatted for their mobile device. QRrealtyTag recognizes the mobile device that an end user is using to access your real estate information and properly displays photos, information, videos, etc. QRrealtyTag is designed for anyone that needs to list their real estate homes for sale, vacation rentals, businesses, apartments, commercial property, etc. is simple to use, our intractive system walks you through a the sign up process, which creates your mobile website, QR Tag (which is a dynamic QR Code Tagged with a Keyword) and website page, which each one of your listings receives and is indexed in our huge database for performance by search engines and SEO (search engine optimization) QRrealtyTag also offers Organic SEO for all your real estate information; Our system is desiged to promote your listings throughout the internet even when your not working, QRrealtyTag is working for you and generating leads to your QR Tag and real estate listings within our system.

QR Codes are not just for real estate, however it is important for real estate professionals and anyone listing real estate to use the most dynamic and cutting edge technology in order to get found in the vast world we call the internet. Companies like Ralph Lauren used qr codes in their campaigns for clothing sales. Companies like bizTag are leading the way in business promotion qr tag technology also know as your biaTag – simple clean and easy for businesses to promote their information to mobile phone and tablet users.

If you have a great qr code service or business please list it below in the post area and we will promote it to our followers. We are not being indexed on a great social news network for everyone to post and share interesting information.

Thanks for reading – Happy Holidays from

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Do you know what your doing in today’s competitive real estate market? Here is what the experts are saying while they make a ton of money!


We recently attended a great 3 day event hosted by “Flip this house” an HGTV hit sensation, here is what they had to say about the current market, realtors, investors, contractors, mortgage brokers and more.

Entrepreneurial Freedom

Deciding to be an entrepreneur will enable you to work in any manner you choose. No boss, no timed lunch and no work on Saturdays.., unless you’re in real estate of course! For everyone thinking they can do more with their real estate license or housing related career, this post will help you drill down on all your options and ways to network with people in your real estate related industry.

Your much needed Business Systems

Systems run businesses. You must first create a solid system and then implement the system in your business infrastructure to be successful. Truly efficient companies have very detailed systems in place.  By having a great system in place you can insert new people in your business and remove your self from the day to day grind of project management. This will allow you to run your business without your business running you!



Key Factors to creating a successful system. 

1.Take Action

2.Transfer of Information quickly and easily

3.Provide your customers with Statistics 

4.Sales Skills

5.Work Ethic

6.People and Communication Skills

7.Understands Working Smarter vs. Harder

8.Leadership and Decision Making Capabilities

Action in my opinion is the most crucial of all. If you know how to take action then you can accomplish anything, you must believe you can do. Action separates those who do from those who only dream of doing.


MARKETING – is the most important step in successful real estate and investing. Lets face it marketing is what makes the phone ring. Remember take action, look at what other agents are doing in the area in which you want to sell homes. If they are doing it, chances are they are making money doing so, other wise you would not continue to see them. Don’t think you have to spend a ton of money to get started. Start small, use your time efficiently and don’t be afraid to ask others Agents or your Broker what is working and what is not. Write all your options down on a piece of paper, the cost and how complex they are to use. Then talk to others in your business, ask their opinion, you will be surprised how much great feedback people will give you from their experience. Most important, just because a certain type of marketing didn’t work for someone else does not mean it will not work for you. Take Action, ask question and then decide the best way to spend your money you have available to market your business and your self. Don’t give up too soon! If you believe in your marketing and you can afford to do it for 6 to 12 months, keep after it, don’t change your strategy and give up too soon. Do not get frustrated and give up If you are not a millionaire after the first 30 days. Consistency is King and it comes down to numbers, eventually you will get traction from your Actions and efforts.

When your marketing does pay off and the phone starts to ring, make sure you have your SYSTEM in place and you are ready to grow your business and cash in on all your hard work and Action.

Real Estate is a TEAM Sport!

It’s vital that you surround your self with the right people as it will determine your success and income earning level. Don’t cap out on earnings and success because you do not have a SYSTEM in place to handle your opportunity!



3.Mortgage Broker

4.Hard Money Lender

5.Private Money Lender

6.Title Company & Title Agent


8.Insurance Agent

Now remember all these fields are filled with people that are experts in their area of expertise. You may not know why you need these key people in your immediate Rolodex, but trust us when we say, You Do! Don’t be afraid to call people in these fields of business. If you don’t know why you would need an Insurance Agent in your type of real estate sales, then simply call an Insurance Agent in your area and tell them what your business model is, you plan to bring in new customers and they will tell you how they can help you and even give you examples of trending requests or things you may want to be aware of. This way when you have a potential new customer or lead, and you are asked a question about insurance, you can give your investor an answer it with confidence or inform them that you need to check with your TEAM member – Insurance Broker/Agent that handles all your Insurance related details and you will get right back with them with a specific and relevant answer. Would that make you seem smart and let the investor or potential new client say, wow this agent is really on the ball, they have a team of educated affiliates, etc.. . Providing a little extra knowledge and simply having a plan so you can communicate with your customers will prove to be very helpful and is most times the difference between you getting the lead and earning a new customer for life.

If you do not know where to look for these experts in your area, simply go to google search and type in Real Estate Attorney in ………..”your state” “zip code” etc. Remember call people, take Action, you are not bothering these people, they are waiting for calls each day, they are waiting to tell you how great they are and how they can help you in your business success. Please remember to be polite on the phone and always get right to the point, ask someone how they can help you, and quickly explain to them what your SYSTEM entails and how you are executing it right now!


Broker/Realtor – Are in the business of connecting people with deals. Whether you are looking for properties to buy, sell or lease a real estate professional has a special place on your team.  Access to the MLS and knowing how to use it quickly and efficiently can be a great tool in your business model and successful SYSTEM. Remember Agents are out and about all day everyday and are usually in the loop of what’s happening in their area of expertise, use them for their knowledge, they are looking forward to your call!

Realtors that work with a lot of investors can be the key to helping you achieve success. If you have the best property in the area, and know the inside information on the property before anyone else, then you need to act quickly and find a buyer. Investors are great because they are in the business of buying quickly and understand a “good deal”

How do you find Realtors that specialize in working with investors?  Call every brokerage in town and ask the office manager which agent specializes in working with investor buyers. Then call these agents and set up a phone appointment or lunch meeting. Let them know that you want to add them to your TEAM as a potential contact when you have a great deal, and in turn they may even push some of their extra work off to you, in which you can make money. Networking, but remember you must have your SYSTEM  in place in advance, so get your contact list stacked with people you have researched and know you can count on in business situations. It sounds easy, and it is and once you have everyone in your SYSTEM available to you, you will see how you start to ask people additional questions, and your business will start to grow and so will your understanding of other fields related to your business expertise, which will inevitably lead to more success.

Real Estate Attorney – A real estate Attorney will be one of your most important members of your team and you will rely on him or her for many real estate related issues. An Attorney will always play in with larger deals, and if you’re using your SYSTEM there is not reason that your business won’t grow and larger deals inevitably present them self. Larger deals can be the difference between being an ordinary Agent and the leader of your industry. Real Estate Attorney many times are great people to network with as well, bring them a new client and usually they will return the favor. Build your network define your SYSTEM and you will be surprised how much your business will grow.

Mortgage Broker – A mortgage broker is the middle man and point-of-contact between a buyer and their lender. Usually mortgage brokers have established relationships with many different banks and have knowledge about numerous funding options available for your buyers. If you don’t understand the significance of the key industry leaders we have mentioned and are not sure how they apply to you and your business, then you are the exact type of person that should be calling these other professionals in your area, explain what you do and asking them how they can help you grow your business. Mortgage brokers are different then Hard Money Lenders, in the sense that Mortgage Brokers primarily work with traditional (conventional) banks who will only lend on certain types of properties. The benefit of going with a traditional bank is that conventional financing offers lower interest rates, longer financing terms, and won’t require as many points in contrast to hard money lenders. Also, traditional banks, depending on the borrower’s credit score, will also require less of a down payment (15% or less depending on credit scores) in comparison to most hard money lenders.  WHY CAN YOUR MORTGAGE BROKER BECOME THE MOST IMPORTANT MEMBER OF YOUR TEAM? Mainly because the mortgage broker is directly responsible for cashing you out of the transaction. Often times their performance will determine how quickly and how often you get paid. Keep this in mind when interviewing a mortgage broker to add to your team and SYSTEM.

Hard Money Lender – Is an individual or company who lends money to rehabbers to purchase and rehabilitate dilapidated properties. They are called hard money lenders because they money they loan is not cheap. Hard money lenders have created a niche for themselves funding deals most traditional banks shy away from. They make up for this additional risk by charging a higher interest rate and more points to the borrower. Hard money lenders will also fund deals in a timely manner as compared to traditional banks. A good hard money lender can usually fund a deal in 7-14 days where most traditional banks take between 21-28 days. If you do not know how to find a hard money lender, ask other industry leaders in your area or google Hard Money Lenders in……”your state” “zip code”, etc.

Private Money Lenders – Private money lenders are an important contact for wholesale real estate sales. They provide short-term financing between the purchase and sale of properties. You can use Private money lenders to fund a purchase then pay them off when a property sells. You can also solicit Private money by asking people if they would like to self direct their IRA for real estate investing. Currently most IRA accounts are CD’s are paying below 4% annually. If you can guarantee someone 10 to 12% on their investment annually, then you will most likely have a satisfied customer. This is also a great way to build your network. If you make someone 10% on their money, chances are they are going to tell a friend or family member, that will also invest or self direct their IRA. There are companies set up specifically to help people self direct their IRA accounts for real estate investing.

Title Company & Title Agent – If you use title companies to close real estate transactions in your state then it is imperative you find one that understands creative closing and is responsive to your particular needs. Title companies are great because they are neutral to both parties and follow the closing instructions provided by those parties in writing. A creative and knowledge able Title agent will help you with Assigning a property and actually closing it in your name and going on title. When you assign a property there is only one HUD-1 Settlement Statement recorded which can work to your advantage if there is ever a potential problem with the property or investigation down the way. The down fall to only one HUD-1 settlement statement is it shows the amount of money that everyone is making, often times this can kill a deal, if one party thinks the middle man is getting too much money for their part. A double closing, will negate this problem all together by having two separate HUD-1 settlement statements, however you need to have a Title Agent that is familiar with this process and will explain the procedure to you.

Contractor – It’s been my experience that often times successful contractors turn into real estate investors, buyers and/or sellers. Referring a Contractor work can always add up to a win win for both parties. The Three main contractors you should seek out and add to your team and SYSTEM are 1. Clean out, 2. Demo, 3. General Contractor.

YOUR CLEAN OUT CREW/DEMOLITION CREW – Knowing a crew of guys that can clean out a wholesale or distressed properties will be very important for your investors. Agents usually don’t take the time to find a good clean out crew and end up paying more to a General Contractor that subs the work out anyway.  The only difference between a clean out crew and demolition crew is the amount of work to be performed. As you become familiar with pricing and work needed to be done you will quickly learn the importance of each of these type of entity’s.

GENERAL CONTRACTING CREW – Often times an investor that wants to buy your wholesale or investment property can not see the potential or does not have the experience or expertise to realize a great investment staring them right in the face. Usually General Contractors can ease their nerves and even show them similar or previous real estate transaction where a little bit of contracting went a long way in the net profit on a transaction. Make sure a General Contractor is Licensed and Bonded in the state in which they intend on performing any work and make them fill out a term sheet which lists all the repairs, expenses and the amount of time a job will take to complete. A good Contractor can make you a lot of money and boost your success very quickly. Take lots of pictures, which you can use to show other potential investors in the future. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Insurance Agent – Your insurance agent is a minor player with a major role. The reason he or she is a vital part of your team is they will be your advisor and will cover your butt if a major catastrophe occurs with one of your real estate properties. Understanding the insurance part of real estate will also help you inform your clients more efficiently, which will make you appear more knowledgeable and ultimately bring you greater success.

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Bill Gates on what you did not and will not learn in High School..

We were visiting a Community College today and came across this very interesting “news clipping’ posted on a door of an affiliate of the college, it reads…

Incase you can not read the paper print – Here you are from 1-11

Bill Gates gives a speech on 11 things they did not and will not learn in School. He talks about feel-good, politically correct teachings created a generation of kids with no concept of reality and how this concept set them up for failure in the real world. This could quite possibly be why individuals like Steve Jobs dropped out of school and were so successful, I’m jus say’n…

1. Life is not fair – Get use to it!

2. The world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something.

3. You will not make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won’t be a Vice-President with a car phone until you earn both.

4. If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.

5. Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for the word burger flipping, they called it opportunity.

6. If you mess up it’s not your parents’ fault, so don’t whine about your mistakes learn from them.

7. Before you were born your parents weren’t as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you were. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent’s generation, try cleaning the closet in your own room.

8. Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT. In some schools they have abolished failing grades and they’ll give you as MANY TIMES as you want to get the right answer. This doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

9. Life is not divided into semesters. You don’t get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you FIND YOURSELF. Do that on your own time.

10. Television is not REAL life. In real life people actually have to leave coffee shops and go to real jobs.

11. Be nice to nerds, chances are you’ll end up working for one. Lol, Bill!

There are some questionable RULES here, I mean take Rule 10. for example. With Starbucks and Free WiFi, You can drink coffee all day at work and never leave the office, I mean coffee shop. (one in the same for some.)

what do you think, was Mr. Bill Gates ahead of his time, considering this news article was most likely from some time ago, probably during the “friends” t.v. episode era.. . Share your thoughts and paradox with others by leaving a reply.

p.s. this article would have been so much easier to share if it only had a QrTag that we could have scanned and referenced the original article(s) .. I’m jus say’n…

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The CTIA Mobile Conference in San Diego, CA October 11-13 2011 and QR Codes tagged with a Keyword + QRtag!

With the growing number of businesses and consumers adopting qrcodes (quick response) application to extract information from the sweet spot of a promotion, The CTIA Mobile Conference should be very interesting and interactive in 2011. With the mobile world and internet world colliding, businesses need to find a way to market and communicate with consumers through Smartphones, Tablets and iPads. QRrealtyTag focusses specifically on real estate and has designed the realty tag platform to constantly promote your real estate listings, business brand and professional presence on the internet for years to come. Qrtags have a Keyword associated with them, which is called a MobileURL. The MobileURL promotes ALL your real estate business in a format in which major search engines like google, bing, youtube and yahoo like. Information is properly categorized, organized and linked together to give you the most exposure and organic SEO possible. For those of you that need qrtags for business promoting other then real estate we have listed the leader in turnkey mobile-web promotion below.

BizTag is providing each business attendee with their own qrtag, which will have their company logo, web URL, social networking links, contact info and more all provided on an easy to use mobile friendly micro site. Look for more and more companies to start including qrtags in their marketing campaigns and day to day advertising.

Just recently Godaddy introduced qr codes into their television markeing campaigns. Very Smart! Look for Godaddy to incorporate QrTags very soon, using a keyword to promote their mobile interface and business.

Here is an example we found on a blog for qr codes done right! What consumers want is consistency, they want to scan a qrtag and feel good that their time and efforts will be rewarded and not wasted. Biztag understands that in order for this to happen, a simple and easy to edit, delete and update application has to be provided to businesses, thus enabling current, relevant and easy to promote information and qpons to consumers. Check out biztag and fiind out why more and more businesses are using an easy to understand mobile application, that delivers content to end users efficiently and quickly. available for use – October, 15 2011

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What is QRrealtyTag? The Benefits and how the services are unique compared to other real estate applications and website services.

Thank you for visiting the QRrealtyTag blog on; Lets start Promoting your real estate listings to millions of internet search users!

QRrealtyTag offers several real estate category types.  Categories are key in promoting your real estate listing properly. Search engines look for information “real estate listings” based on keywords that consumers use when searching for their real estate needs. If your real estate listings are properly categorized and promoted within the internet, your listing will be seen and populated at the top of a search page more often when consumers perform their search. Yahoo Local is a perfect example of how a large internet search engine provides a way for end users to promote their information based on the category.

When listing your real estate property with QRrealtyTag you will need to choose a category that your listing will be categorized under for premium search results for potential buyers, new customers and other real estate professionals.

Agent/Broker Residential;

Agent Broker residential real estate listings are designed with professionals in mind and provide specific listing tools within the listing category area to support real estate professional standards. You can be sure that potential buyers, new customers and other real estate professionals will easily be able to contact you in regards to your real estate listings. QRrealtyTag also enables you to pre-set your 30 day wor calendar within ALL your listings, thus enabling consumers to view your schedule, mobile calendar and set appointments automatically based on your availability.

FSBO-For Sale by Owner;

For Sale by Owner – Individuals can list their properties with QRrealtyTag and reach a large target audience. Because QRrealtyTag offers several different types of real estate for sale, your chances increase dramatically that a buyers Agent or Broker will see your home listed on our large internet website and bring you a pre approved bonafied buyer. Other for sale by owner listers may also need to allocate some of their real estate sale profits in new properties and can easily see properties they are interested in by searching our large database of FSBO listings. Thinking about selling your home your self, here are some helpful FSBO-tips and information to get you prepared.


Vacation Rentals for Sale;

QRrealtyTag is very proud of our Vacation Rentals Category real estate section. We spend a lot of time and development hours creating an environment that uses all of our modern Mobile technology and internet SEO capability while maintaining an easy to navigate user interface, both from the mobile phones, tablets, iPads and/or your laptop/desktop computers.  You can feel confident listing your vacation rentals with QRrealtyTag that you will still receive awesome SEO (search engine optimization) while keeping in mind we have protected your home address, being sure not to promote you exact address, but still giving search engines what they need on the back end of our system to recognize your unique Vacation Rental property listings for efficient and powerful search recognition from major search providers like Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube. QRrealtyTag provides you a easy to use dashboard once you sign up, that enables Vacation Rental owners to easily promote their homes, link to other major search companies like YouTube, Craigslist, VRBO and more!

Apartments for Lease/Rent;

QRrealtyTag designed our Apartments for lease/rent category to provide leasing consultants, managers and aspiring real estate agents an easy to use application for promoting current apartments for lease. The idea is for Apartment Homes to provide potential customers with all their current inventory, including available apartments, the apartments view, what they look like inside and out and ever floor plans of the units for furniture and wall space measurements. Our application provides an easy to use dashboard area where leasing consultants can upload photos and details of individual units, making their jobs more productive by offering potential residents real time updated information for less hasle and easy browsing and ultimately a better customer experience. Simply place your Apartment Home qrtag on the front door or window of the leasing office and potential new residents can interact with your community, even if no one is available to help they at that specific moment. Current residents can also interact with the Apartment Homes interactive qrtag, accessing office hours, updated holiday hours and even special community events, dates and times.

Managers– Send your residents news letters and include your Apartment Home qrtag

Apartment Managers

within the print media weekly/monthly news letter, enabling residents to quickly get organized and updated information about community policies, events, scheduled property maintenace and more. Easily update information, even encourage residents to provide an email or their mobile contact information, in which you can send them the link or qrtag image for them to scan and see mobile friendly property information, alerts, special events, social calendar and renewal rates and benefits.

Commercial Real Estate for Sale;

QRrealtyTag provides Commercial real estate categories both for Agents/Brokers and Private sellers. Promote your qrtag from QRrealtyTag in newspapers, active journals and other promotion advertising avenues and be confident that end users, other business professionals and investors will be able to access ALL your Commercial Real Estate listings, professional contact information and propery details on the go from their mobile devices. Place your Unique QRtag on site and promote a great lead generation tool for investors to contact you right from in front of the propery. Link other online promotions to your uniqe qrtag by selecting the “links” tab from your listing dashboard area and sync all your advertised listing information in one place for Organic SEO within the internet and easy promotion to potential buyers, investors and other real estate professionals.

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See now this wouldn’t happen if you upgraded your qr code to a qrtag.

Fox Searchlight is shunning traditional promotional opportunities like releasing teasers and trailers for its upcoming film Martha Marcy May Marlene. Instead, the studio is rolling out an elaborate QR code campaign for the movie, which hits theaters on October 21. The studio put QR codes on ad materials such as posters, theater standees and coasters in New York City and Los Angeles. There are two separate trailers for the film embedded within the QR codes. According to Fox Searchlight, this is the first time a studio has exclusively released trailers via QR code.

As cool as this looks, if the qr code does not work, due to the image behind the code, conflicting with decoding process, then really what is the point of using the qr movie image? In the event something like this happens, the qr code is unreadable, damaged or just poorly presented a mobileURL would still make this image search able. A mobileURL is a Keyword that is used to tag your qr code for scenarios just like this one. If you try and scan a code, you are most likely trying to do so from a mobile device, which means the intended use and viewing of the content is most likely going to take place from a mobile device. Even if the qr code/qrtag is not readable, or if it happen to appear and then disappear, like in a commercial on T.V. or on a moving automobile you could still type in the keyword associated with the qrtag, know as the mobileURL which will deliver you to the same link and mobile friendly information as you would have obtained from scanning. No move tedious searching and typing in multiple keywords, secure your keyword today from qrrealtytag, gtag, and/or biztag.

QRrealtyTag – Your real estate listings best friend!

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qr code technology, simply a fad or a phenomenon! Qrtag and real estate for Best SEO and mobile-web dynamic lead generation for ALL your real estate listings.

I hope by now everyone has noticed the dynamic square codes that look like your printer threw up! QR Codes are making appearances in places like real estate signs, print ads, magazines, billboards, the sides of automobiles and trade-show booths. These useful, efficient little marvels are 2D interactive bar codes, also known as QRtags, Quick Response codes, QR Codes or Microsoft tags. They are all the rage in the real estate industry right now. Although virtually ubiquitous in Europe and Japan, they’re just starting to gain popularity in the US. QR codes are readable by almost all mobile devices that have a camera like smartphones, iPads, Tablets and with a simple scan, can bridge a mobile user to any type of mobile-web content. QRtags offer real estate property listings the most dynamic interaction, lead generation, social sync and business brand promotion in the  world.

I continue to read several articles every day and review opinions, doubt, hope and if the qr code technology is simply a fad or a phenomenon. The important information you need to know about qrtags is they are designed to make your real estate promotion and listings seamless with the world wide web and mobile devices, offering end user, potential buyers, new customers and other real estate professionals quick up to date info like videos, price, photos, directions, your mobile calendar and more.

QRrealtyTag has made managing, creating, owning and using qrtags a snap! If you can enter an MLS listing or post a Craigslist ad then you can easily manage and promote your unique vanity qrtag. Outside of the U.S. QR codes have become a staple of everyday life. In most of Europe and Japan, for example, it’s difficult to walk a single block without coming in contact with a QR codes – working hard to display everything from providing commuters with updated mass transit schedules, to creative music and video art, to showing a restaurant’s current menu or coupon and eventually initiating a mobile friendly purchase.

Looking back the last few years on social media craze and the real estate industry, the answers as to why social media wasn’t as globally successful for businesses as predicted are clear. Although a great way to keep connected with friends, family and people, social media was untested as a real estate sales vehicle, and many still don’t understand how to utilize social media for business purposes. The lesson we learn from social media, is to efficiently manage your business and integrate the internet when ever you can for as minimal investment as possible, just in case it doesn’t pan out the way you think it should. How many agents or firms can prove that social media truly added to their bottom line? For most, between the cost and time spent learning/managing and creating the appropriate content based on what all the experts suggested, marginal results were yielded. That is why QRrealtyTag has designed our software services to efficiently promote your hard work and dedication to social media, giving you powerful tools and enabling you to link everything together under one dynamic qrtag and unique vanity name.

As U.S. mobile phone technology increases, so will the presence and ubiquity of QR codes. Why? Because they’re efficient. For example, within a click or two (or a touch or two from your touch-screen interactive mobile device ), a mobile user can arrive at a mobile friendly micro website, saving that user dozens of keystrokes and/or tedious search and uncover. QR codes take print advertising and super charge it with a dynamic and interactive lead generator that offers quick, relevant and immediate end user gratification.  Don’s miss out on providing your sellers and buyers relevant statistics and reports and an easy way to share, promote and list ALL your real estate listings for Best Search Engine Optimization with a qrtag from

So where do we go from here? We know that QR codes deliver all the information a buyer, renter or interested party could ever need! We’ve explained efficiency and how qr codes save real estate agents/brokers time help promote their business brand for years and even decades to come. So lets talk about the advantage and/or disadvantage of qr codes in the market today.

The most common problem we’ve noticed in online reviews, comments and blogs surrounding QR codes, is one that creates a substantial barrier to entry, conformity and usage; The management aspect. If you have multiple listings, Creating a unique QR code for each listing with a unique link to that listing’s information can be cumbersome. When it sells, you have to destroy the QR code, create a new one for a new listing, repeating that process each time. Handled this way, the sheer management will prevent mass adoption of QR codes in the real estate industry. Now let recap from earlier; A qrtag from QRrealtyTag solves this ever so cumbersome problem of creating, deleting, creating, deleting-all while giving you no rich web history for all your hard work.  With your Unique qrtag which tags a qr code with a keyword for rich web history, point of contact vanity promotion, advanced SEO, dynamic mobile-web integration and lead generation, the old annoyances of qr codes and all their downfalls, yet so powerful have been corrected and are now all grow up and ready to use in business real estate applications on a daily basis. Simply ask yourself, does QR code technology work for you? Or, do you work for the technology? QRrealtyTag and qrtags makes technology work for you and makes is stick simple to operate, create and manage all your real estate listings and Unique qrtag’s. With a QRrealtyTag, you have one dynamic qrtag, its the best and only 2D barcode you will ever need!

There is no doubt that qrtag’s are here to stay and will continue to grow, offering a simple and dynamic way for mobile users to connect with you and your real estate business. Given the simplicity provided by QRrealtyTag, embrace this new and exciting technology now, take your real estate business, lead generation and online presence to the next level. This is one business tool you can not afford to miss. Remember, great technology should work for you-not create more work for you.

List Agent/Broker, residential, commercial, vacation, FSBO, Apartments and business listings with QRrealtyTag.

QRrealtyTag – Your real estate listings best friend!

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